Town Clerk

Barbara Graham, Town Clerk (email)
Susan Lyons, Asst. Town Clerk (email)

Office hours:
8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Mondays-Thursdays,
8 a.m. to 2 p.m., Fridays

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 646
Williamstown, VT 05679

Physical address:
2470 Vermont Route 14
Williamstown, VT 05679

802-433-5455 x103 – Town Clerk
802-433-5455 x104 – Asst. Town Clerk

802-433-2160 – Fax

Town Officials

Petitions are now available for the following town official positions, to be voted on at the 2023 Town Meeting:

Moderator – 1 year
Selectman – 3 years
Selectman – 2 years
School Director – 3 years
School Director – 3 years
Lister – 3 years
Trustee of Public Funds – 3 years
Trustee of Public Funds – 2 years remaining of a 3-year term
Cemetery Commissioner – 5 years
Library Trustee – 5 years
Library Trustee – 3 years remaining of a 5-year term
Library Trustee – 1 year remaining of a 5-year term
Trustee of the Henry S. Baker Fund – 3 years

All petitions need to be signed and returned to the Town Clerk’s office by 5 p.m. on January 30, 2023.

Town and School Meeting

Follow this link to see results from Town Meeting held on March 1, 2022. Click here to see results from the annual school meeting. The 2021 Williamstown Town Report can be read or downloaded by clicking here.

Town staff will remain available to assist citizens by phone, e-mail, U.S. Postal Service, and by appointment as warranted with preventive protocols in place.

What if I need something?

  • DOG LICENSES: You can leave your payments and an updated copy of your rabies certificate for each dog in the drop box in the front door or send via USPS.  If you have a new dog please call the Town Clerk 433-5455 Ext. 203 for instructions.
  • ELECTIONS: Ballots can be dropped in the mail slot in the door. If you did not receive a ballot in the mail you can contact the Town Clerk at 433-5455 Ext 203 for assistance.
  • WATER & SEWER PAYMENTS:  Payments can be made in the drop box in the front door, USPS, or  follow this link to pay online. These options apply to both current and delinquent water & sewer bills.
  • TAX PAYMENTS: Payments can be made in the drop box in the front door, USPS, or follow this link to pay online. These options apply to both current and delinquent tax payments. From October 19 through November 16, 2020, from the hours of 9 to 4 the window at the entrance of the building will be open and accepting payments via check or exact cash payments. You must state receipt requested on any payments mailed or dropped in the drop box.
  • PERMITS:  If you need to apply for a driveway permit, mobile home transport permit, flood hazard bylaws (notice of intent) permit, town water/sewer, all forms are online here, or we can mail or email to you as well.  Please call the Town Manager’s office so that she can assist with filling them out and calculating the proper fees required to be submitted. 433-6671 Ext. 201.
  • TAX BILL COPIES:  If you need a copy of your tax bill, please call or email us. We can email and fax copies to you or your tax preparer or mail them to you. 433-5455 Ext. 205.
  • LISTER’S INFORMATION:  433-5455 Ext 206.
  • LAND RECORDS RESEARCH: Our vault is available for research by appointment only.  Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office at 433-5455 Ext. 203 or 204 to make an appointment.
  • PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT: Public Works operations (water, sewer, highway) issues please call the Town Manager’s office at 433-6671 Ext. 201.


For more information: or

Cash payments are no longer accepted

Please pay by check, money order, or follow this link to pay by credit or debit card. Please be aware there is a processing fee. Credit or debit cards are NOT accepted at the Town Office.

Property tax payments are due by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, November 16, 2020, in the payment drop slot. Payments received after this date/time will be late and will be assessed a penalty of 8% and subject to interest at a rate of 1% a month or part thereof.

Payment drop slot: The Town of Williamstown has a payment drop slot located in the front door to Town Hall.  If you would like to receive a receipt by mail, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

Postmarks are accepted. The Town of Williamstown will accept a USPS postmark as timely payment.

Post-dated checks are not accepted. All checks will be processed on the day received.

Starting Monday, October 19, until Monday, November 16, from 9 a.m.until  4 p.m. we will be accepting non-cash payments outside. Please come to the first window just before entering the door to the town office.

Birth and death certificates

As of July 1, 2019, Town Clerks can no longer make birth and death certificates available from the vault (new state law). The person requesting a certified copy of either a birth or death needs to fill out an application form and show a form of ID. Follow this link to download the application. It will be a little more time-consuming than before so please be patient.

Licensing your dog(s)

All dogs need to be registered by April 1st, with a current rabies certificate on file.

Please be sure to license them before 4/1/2021 so there isn’t a late fee attached to the license fee. If you have any problem getting down to the Town Hall, you can mail a check and a copy of the rabies certificate if your dog has a new one since the previous year and we will mail your tag and license to you.

The fees are:
Spayed/Neutered: Before May 1st, $12.00 – after the deadline, $16.00
Nonspayed/Neutered: Before May 1st, $16.00 – after the deadline, $20.00
If you no longer have a dog, please let us know so we can take them out of the computer.

Services available

  • Register to Vote
  • Land Records Research
  • Dog Licenses
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Renewals Motor Vehicle Blank Forms
  • Marriage License
  • Notary Public
  • Vital Statistics (births, marriages, deaths)
  • Post your Land
  • Green Mountain Passport

Fees at the Town Clerk’s office

  • Regular Copies $0.25 each
  • Recorded Documents (Mortgage, Deed) $ 1.00 each
  • Record a document into Land Records $ 10.00 per page
  • Vault Time:
    0-15 min no charge
    16-30 min $ 1.00
    31-60 min $ 2.00
    There is never a charge for Residents to use the vault!
  • Motor Vehicle Registrations $3.00
  • Marriage License $60.00
  • Certified Copy of Marriage, Birth, Death $10.00
  • Fax a Document $2.75
  • Post Your Land $5.00
  • Green Mtn. Passport (age 62 and older) $2.00

Current Justices of the Peace

Justin Ducey
Barbara Graham
Heather King
Marvine Lasell
Orvil Lasell
Susan Lyons
Elaine Owen
John Taylor
Phil Winters