Town Officers

Contact and other information for officials can be found by clicking on their underlined title.

Elected Town Officers

(*Term Expires)

Heather King (2025)

Town Clerk
Barbara Graham (2025)

Larry Hebert (2025)
Chris Wade (2025)
Scott McCarthy (2026)
Tyler Mitchell (2026)
Clayton Woodworth (2027)

School Directors
Jessica Van Deren (2024)
Horace Duke (2025)
Joshua Dobrovich (2026)
Daniell Moffett (2026)

Bill Peabody (2024)
Vacant (2025)
Gordon Murray (2026)

Trustee of Public Funds
Orvil Lasell (2024)
Philip Winters (2025)
Gary Storrs (2025)

Cemetery Commissioners
Orville Lasell (2024)
Matt Coulliard (2025)
Susan Lyons (2026)
Daphne Herwig (2027)
Matt Walker (2027)

Library Trustees
Bernard Mills (2024)
Helen Duke (2025)
Judith Woodbeck (2026)
Tabitha McGlynn (2027)
Jill McGlynn (2028)

Trustees of Henry S. Baker Fund
Marie Graham
Cherlene Helman
Heather King

Town Grand Juror
Vacant (2025)

Appointed Town Officers and Representatives

Assistant Town Clerk
Susan Lyons

Town Treasurer
Jenn Allard

Treasurer Assistant
Megan Keys

Justice of the Peace (Term expires 1/31/25)
C. Christopher Cate
Justin Ducey
Barbara Graham
Heather King
Willet Knight, Jr.
Marvine Lasell
Orvil Lasell
Susan Lyons
Elaine Owen
Phil Winters

Board of Sewer Commissioners
Same as Board of Selectmen

Town Manager
Jacqueline Higgins

Tax Collector
Jenn Allard

Delinquent Tax Collector
Jacqueline Higgins

Water & Sewer Collector
Jacqueline Higgins

Planning Commission
Richard Turner, Chair
Jasmin Couillard
Horace Duke
Susan Lyons
Rama Schneider
David Traczyk
One vacancy

Board of Adjustment, Flood Plain
Panning Commission/Town Manager

Town Sewage Officer
Jacqueline Higgins

Fire Warden
Jason Ball (2024)

Civil Defense Representative
William Graham

Green Up Co-Chairs
Barbara Graham
Jacqueline Higgins

Central Vermont Revolving Loan Fund Gov. Board Rep.

Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission
Richard Turner

Health Officer
Courtney Wade

Fence Viewers
Richard Powell
Clayton Woodworth
One vacancy

Tree Warden
Rich Turner (2024)

Central Vermont State Police Advisory

Inspector of Lumber, Shingles and Wood
Chris Wade

Weighers of Coal
Chris Wade

Salvage Yard Inspector
Chris Wade

Central Vermont Solid Waste Management