Permits, Licenses & Forms


Below is a list of downloadable forms for common permits for the Town. Other permits may be required, depending on the work you are doing. If you do not see what you’re looking for here, please contact the Town Manager’s office. Less common permits are available at the office or arrangements can be made to fax or email permit applications that are not listed below.

If you choose to download and complete the applications listed below, please be sure to include your current contact information in the event that the office needs to contact you. Most applications, if received with all of the required documentation and fees, can be processed and an approved permit will be returned to you by US Mail, Fax or Email.

Flood Hazard Bylaws
Conditional Use Permit (Needed only if in Flood Hazard as defined by the bylaws above)

Driveway Permit
Notice of Intent (File with Driveway Permit)

Overweight vehicle statute & fees (PDF)
Overweight Permit application (FLEET)(PDF)
Overweight Permit application (SINGLE)(PDF)
Mobile Home Transport Permit application (PDF)

Fireworks Permit


Vacant Building Registration and Renewal Form
Williamstown employment packet